Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collected most important questions that come from our Telegram community, so you can also get the information from our discussions without any hassle.

If you have any questions of your own – just message us.

Project and smart contract questions

What does it mean that the contract has been verified on BSCscan?

When contracts are deployed to the BSC network, by default, their actual code is not visible publicly. Majority of contracts present their exact contents to be transparent, but some not. We did that exactly for that reason – so anyone can review the contract code of MWC and verify it themselves. It’s important to remember that none of the contract methods can’t be manually executed anymore by anyone, because the ownership of the contract has been denounced by the original developer.

Why do I see so many outgoing transactions on the contract?

With every regular transaction, the contract is making automatic transactions sending 1% of each transaction to Binance Charity Wallet and another transaction adding 2% to the liquidity pool. ​​

Why do I see transactions selling 187,500,000,000 tokens so often?

Don’t be scared if you see that someone is selling 187,500,000,000 tokens.

This is our corntact automatically adding BNBs in to the liquidity pool.

How does it work?

uint256 private numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity = 250000 * 10**6 * 10**9;

triggers the sale of MWCs if there are 250,000,000,000 tokens accumulated (from each transaction) within the contract.

Our contact then sells half of these tokens (plus an extra small percentage which goes directly to Binance Charity Wallet) and adds them in to the LP. Because the price of MoonWalkCoin is low and we constantly see transactions for hundreds of billions of MWCs, that’s why occasionally we will see that our contact is selling 187,500,000,000 tokens. In the future, when the price of our token will be higher, these transactions will appear much less frequently as it will take more time for our contract to accumulate 250,000,000,000 MWCs.

The same happens in other tokens, e.g. SafeMoon’s contract automatically adds BNBs in to the liquidity pool each time if he accumulate 500,000,000,000. We don’t see this quite often due to the high price of SFM, but it’s is happening, for example take a look at link below:

Why don't you dox yourself? Why would you want to stay anonymous if you weren’t going to rug?

We are just random folks from the internet, so that’s just the style we’re working in for now. We believe once MWC becomes a success, at least some of us will be happy to sign their names under it 🙂

We all gathered here organically thanks to the original developer, who have founded the initial liquidity out of his own pocket and gave the contract and tokens to the community of our local social media portal – (it’s like local Reddit for Poland). All the decisions around coin taxes and rules were figured through polls in that community.

So what about giveaways, marketing, and all that - if you have denounced ownership, how will the project ever get off the ground?

As you may already know at this point – we rely on the commitment of our community. There are 4 admins and 5 very dedicated, hard working volunteers. Everyone is a holder of MWC because we believe in our idea. We are already taking steps towards making the project more popular. We are now working on a utility for our token which will be announced soon. We have many very engaged folks on the Telegram channel working hard to make the project more popular, and also we want to bring our own investments for marketing, but first we want to come up with a roadmap for the utility, so we actually have something to advertise. Roadmap will be published in upcoming days on our website and everyone will be notified about it on our Telegram.

Why is there tax on the transactions?

To work, cryptocurrency systems have to be fueled with money to be sustained. Our tax is divided sensibly: 7% is put back into MWC liquidity pool of the token to sustain its availability, 2% is redistributed to holders (the longer you hold, the more you get) and 1% goes to Binance Charity Wallet – a thing which we are very happy about, it’s great that our community supports good causes with every transaction! Presence of tax on every transaction also brings additional security against speed-traders.

How can I help the project grow?

Just buy any amount, hold, subscribe to our Telegram and fasten your seatbelts.

Holding, buying and sending MWC

Why I can see my tokens in my wallet, but not the price?

The price display needs to be supported by the wallet itself. MWC is not integrated with wallets just yet – our project scale is too small at this point, but once we grow, we will take care of that. You can always easily check balance of MWC converted to USD by connecting your wallet to PooCoin. For this to work, first add MWC token by BSC address in your wallet, and then connect to PooCoin. If you just bought MWC first time, it may not appear in the wallet itself right after (takes some time), but if you enter MWC page on PooCoin, you will see balance of your MWC at the top of the price chart, even if it doesn’t appear in the wallet yet.

How much MWC I can buy or sell at a time?

The limit of MWC for single transaction is 10TeraMWC (12 zeroes) – 10 000 000 000 000 MWC

What is MWC and BSC?

How to create wallet

How to add funds to wallet

How to buy MWC

I can't buy, why?


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