How to add funds to wallet?

When you want to buy a Binance Smart Chain token like MoonWalkCoin, you need to use base currency of Smart Chain which is BNBBinance Coin. It is widely adopted by the exchanges and apps and you might have already used it at this point.

There are few ways you can get BNB into your wallet:

If you use TrustWallet, you have direct option of buying there. Just click “Buy”, choose amount, and go along with the procedure.

Once again: You want to buy BNB – Binance Coin – which is main token on Binance Smart Chain, for which you swap other tokens.
There you perform regular transaction using your credit card and get BNB on your wallet in return – ready to buy MoonWalkCoin.

If you have account on Binance or other exchange, you can just buy BNB there and withdraw BNB from your Binance account to your wallet. You simple need to point your withdrawal to the address of the TrustWallet or MetaMask wallet you created.

To put money from your exchange account to your wallet, choose “Receive” option in your TrustWallet or Metamask app to get your wallet address. In Metamask you also see it on the top of the screen. Then you can use it to send funds from platform or exchange of your choice.

Remember – in case of MetaMask, you need to add Binance Smart Chain to it yourself. Binance has a great article on how to do it here.

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