How to buy MWC?

There are 2 main services on which MWC is traded: PancakeSwap and PooCoin.

PancakeSwap is a swapping platform to which Liquidity Pool of MWC is bound to.

PooCoin is a service with more features apart from swapping – it also provides charts and your full wallet view.
Until MWC token price is not available in Trust Wallet, PooCoin is the best place to check value of your MWC tokens.


Enter PancakeSwap. By clicking on that link you you will be moved to PancakeSwap with MWC contract already chosen. PancakeSwap will ask you for confirmation of importing MWC token:

Once you import the token, you need to connect your wallet. After you click “Connect wallet” You will receive window allowing you to choose method for connecting. Choose accordingly to the app you’re using, or choose WalletConnect if your app is integrated with it.

Having completed the wallet connection, you will be able to set the desired amount of MWC to buy. When you do that, click “Swap”, then confirm the transaction. It will pop up in your wallet to be approved – you will receive notification on your computer or phone, depending on wallet connected.

Remember: limit for single MWC transaction is 10 TeraMWC – 10 000 000 000 000 MWC


Enter PooCoin. By clicking on that link you you will be moved to PooCoin with MoonWalkCoin contract already chosen.

First, connect your wallet:

Once you connect, you can click “Trade” button and fill out transaction form, similarly like on PooCoin:

To be able to see your MWC balance in your MetaMask, you need to add it as a custom token. First, copy it by clicking the button below:

Then, enter your MetaMask and follow marked steps:

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