How to create a wallet?

Your wallet is a block of data stored on the blockchain, and you can access it from anywhere by knowing its secret access key.

This secret access key is generated once at the wallet creation. You’re supposed to save it in a safe place. Your wallet can be accessed either by using seed phrase of 12 words, or a private key string which is a single value that allows to access your wallet. You can export it at any time from the app you’re using and use it to access your wallet from somewhere else.

Creating a wallet to use with Smart Chain or other Ethereum-based network is as easy as installing any other mobile app and creating an account.

There are many different apps for handling Ethereum wallets, and you can use many at once with the same wallet. We at MWC recommend using either MetaMask or TrustWallet, or both at once – as mentioned it is possible.

Trust Wallet is a one stop shop mobile app making putting regular currency into crypto very easy.

MetaMask doesn’t let you buy BNB for swapping on the spot, but it has the advantage that apart from the mobile app it can be used as extension in your browser on your desktop or laptop computer. Buying on desktop computer is considered more convenient, and having copy of your wallet on your phone is convenient for checking your balance and sending MWC to other people.

You can download the apps using links we provided below.

Once you installed the wallet you need to go through the wallet creation process. At the end of the process you will know your wallet address and recovery key phrase.

TrustWallet is automatically integrated with BSC network, and you can get BNB straight away.

In MetaMask, on the other hand, to be able to get and send BNB, you need to add BSC network to MetaMask first. Here’s a link on how to do it:

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